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Film Production



If you decide to shoot in Fiji, GFS will make your shoot run as smoothly as if you were shooting in LA.


Matt Kunitz, Executive Producer

About Us

Global Pacific is a Fiji production service company for television and film, with offices in Los Angeles and Suva.  We can meet with you and discuss your film projects on your timetable and at your office. Our experienced producer team can provide comparative budgets and discuss opportunities for your film production both creatively and financially.


Global Pacific is part of the Global Film Solutions (GFS) network and is comprised of a team of award-winning producers.  GFS manages productions globally specialising in creating a familiar business environment for US productions.  By understanding the needs of the Studio, Network, Production Company and Producer team, combined with local laws, customs and financial systems, GFS offers the ideal landscape to produce television and film.


Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji
Film Production Fiji

Why Fiji?

Film and TV Productions 75% Tax Rebate


Fiji is committed to being a great place to produce television and film.  Fiji has a compelling 75% Tax Rebate calculated on Total Fiji Expenditure.  

Only certified Audio Visual Agent’s can apply for the tax rebate, Global Pacific is a Fiji Audio Visual Agent.


Minimum Total Fiji Expenditure is FJD$250,000 (approximately USD$125,000) for film and television productions.

Maximum allowable tax rebate is FJ$15 million.  For comprehensive details, please be in touch, or contact Film Fiji.


Administering the tax incentive is Fiji’s film commission - Film Fiji.

Film Fiji's role is to “Promote and Develop the Audio Visual Industry in the Fiji Islands”, and the entire team are very helpful and welcoming.



There are more than 300 Fiji Islands, that provide a range of locations including jungles, sweeping tropical beaches, river gorges, waterfalls, villages, and of course lush vegetation.  




Fiji’s rich culture, is welcoming, warm and generous. " Bula" which means hello, welcome and when you have a drink in your hand "to life” is a term that sums up the warmth of the people of Fiji.  Once you have been to Fiji, you will never want to leave.




With a strong and high-quality tourism industry, there are many hotels and accommodation options across the Fiji Islands. There are daily direct flights from Los Angeles to Nadi International Airport, serviced by Fiji Airways modern fleet of Airbus A330 aircraft. Transportation needs are well met in Fiji, with a network of good roads and supply of rental cars, trucks and watercraft.  Communications coverage is very good with mobile phone and internet covering large areas of Fiji.  Freight to and from Fiji is efficient and timely.


Aerial Support

Fiji has a range of aviation companies for aerial filming and logistics support, including Eurocopter AStars, seaplanes, and larger passenger aircraft. Drone filming is allowed in Fiji with permits; please be in touch to discuss your needs.




We believe in providing great food, using wonderful fresh, healthy local ingredients and with the highest quality chefs who have extensive experience in catering for film and television productions worldwide. Catered meals can be supplied anywhere throughout the Fiji Islands by our catering team.


Strategic Relationships


Global Pacific has a strategic relationship with Fiji National University (FNU) and believes in the growth of the next generation of filmmakers and crew. Global Pacific works closely with the FNU Department of Film & TV and the Department of Food & Beverage to give the students real paid work experience on productions and opportunities to learn from visiting professional production crews.  The students in return provide productions with a level of energy and vibrancy that make filming in Fiji special.


"We at the College of Humanities and Education of FNU are extremely grateful for the opportunities provided by Global Film Solutions to our Film & TV students." 


Dr. Eci K Nabalarua, 

Dean of the College of Humanities and Education, Fiji National University


Global Pacific

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